We contribute to your relief and comfort, and ambient protection through:
Maintenance and
Care support
Group of professionals, making full use of traditional and latest technologies
and materials, serve you with our 136 years' experience with roof tiles.
Anti-seismic and
Ecology measures
Anti-seismic measures and ambient protection as solar engergy generation -
today's most important themes. Works as our own anti-seismic method for you.
Studying and
Advancing Group
Studious Youth Group. Each trains himself and acquires key techniques and
skills. The Group contributes with dynamism to improve your relief and comfort.

Year 1873 Founder Otojiro Ogiya started roof tile
making with two potbellied ovens, and
founded the business (present Kisaicho).
1966 Started ceramic tile production, getting
soon at its peak. Our construction Dept.
1972 Established Ogiya Co.,Ltd., operating
construction business at full-scale.
1976 Started house remodelling business. Our
Interior Design Dept. changed to a
separate company, Interior Ogiya.
1987 Established maintenance and remodelling
Dept. of roof and exterior works.
1995 Developed anti-seismic construction
method of Japanese roof tiles, diffusing
this anti-dropping method widely.
Reinforced the anti-seismic measures
by adopting the metal fittings.
2006 Opened consultation meetings for house
reroofing work. We respond widely to
users' miscelaneous questions.
Project Upgrading of present operations,
research of new materials and
techniques, progress in skills, culti-
vation of cosmopolitan outlook
Our company's history dates back to
1873 as our founder Otojiro Ogiya began
roof tile making. Since then, receiving the
influences of pre, during, and post-wartime,
during 136 years we have come serving
under our motto "Our contribution to our
area through the culture of roof". Coping with our  clients' changing needs we also have changed our operation to integral house maintenance and remodelling works, principally of the roof. Our special focus
is on roof work, anti-seismic work and solar energy
generation, for users' relief and ambient protection.

Our speciality - Studying Youth Group
The group members' enthusiasm is focused on the
research of new materials and technology and
upgrading of skills to accord with technical innovation.
This Youth Group, upon our customers' request, acts
dynamically on our system "Diagnosis, planning,
proposal, prompt job starting, after care". Careful
prework talking and periodical post-work after care are
our important tasks for customer satisfaction.
We have come changing, always catching new era as
pioneer. For the works of both Japanese and modern
styles, big or moderate, please consult with us. We
are sure to propose you plans at your satisfaction.

Name Ogiya Co., Ltd.
Address 19-10 1-Chome Chuo, Washinomiya-
cho, Saitama-Ken 340-0216,Japan
CEO Yoshio Ogiya, President
Contact As above
TEL +81-480-58-0301
FAX +81-480-58-4190
Tiling Technician, Construction Work Cont-
roller, Kasukabe Nice Urban View Award
Head Office Solar energy generation Awarded Restoration Youth Technician Group

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